Welcome to the ASSITEJ International Meeting


ASSITEJ is proud to welcome you in Linz to the 2nd annual International Meeting, focused on FACING THE ARTIST. 

The vision of ASSITEJ has always had at its heart this focus on the artistic work of our members – the identification and discussion of new tendencies, the development and support of emerging artists, the international collaboration and learning that allow artistic practices to evolve and transform, the dialogue between professionals that allows artists to question, rethink their practices, and imagine new possibilities for working.

It is this focus on artistic practice and the artist that we believe re-energizes the field, that spreads new impulses and that lifts the level of work. It also raises difficult questions around quality and context, cultural identity and globalization, artistic purpose and form, who we are addressing and how we go about this.

"Raumschiff Erde" / toxic dreams (AT) & DSCHUNGEL WIEN (AT)/ (c) TimTom

“Raumschiff Erde” / toxic dreams (AT) & DSCHUNGEL WIEN (AT)/ (c) TimTom

We invite all artists – whether ASSITEJ members or not – to engage with us in this dialogue, and we anticipate a rich artistic exchange with you in these 8 days with inspiring and controversial discussions.

On this website you will find all the necessary information: take a look at the program of the meeting with its various events, stay up to date, sign up for our international newsletter and plan your visit  – and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the office at any time!

Thoma Hardie klein