Next Generation


As part of the 2nd ASSITEJ International Meeting organized by ASSITEJ Austria and the International Theatre Festival SCHÄXPIR, ASSITEJ’s Next Generation Project will continue. The program is dedicated to young and emerging artists from any country, interested in the practice of theatre for young audiences and international collaboration.

ASSITEJ Austria and SCHÄXPIR has received more than 80 applications from young and emerging artists from 35 countries to participate in the NEXT GENERATION program. 25 emerging artists will experience 10 days full of symposia, discussions and masterclasses as well as the performances of SCHÄXPIR.  Artists from the field of TYA  will be exchanging experiences, watching performances and attending masterclasses together.

Next Generation is a unique opportunity for young and emerging artists to exchange their experiences, to discuss diverse artistic approaches and attend masterclasses.

Next Generation Workshop


The participants 2013 are:

Mae Wu – China/Honkong – (Participant 2012), Paul Curley – Ireland – (Participant 2012), Mohammad Aghebati – Iran – (Participant 2012), Sara Ostertag – Austria, Simon Windisch – Austria, Flo Staffelmayr – Austria, Julia Perschon – Austria, Melika Ramic – Austria, Eve Marie Huot – Canada, Dinaig Stall – France, Reihaneh Dizaji – Germany, Aditee Biswas – India, Giuditta Mingucci – Italy, Hussein Nakhal – Lebanon, Tammy Reichling – Luxembourg, Susi Muller – Luxembourg, Susana Romo – Mexiko, Camilla Svingen – Norway, Ewa Piotrowska – Poland, Sarah Hopfinger – Scotland, Jon Keevy – South Africa, Son Hye Jung – South Korea, Anna Nygren – Sweden, Diana Rojas-Feile – Switzerland, Réka Déak – Romania

The project will involve the following key activities:

1. A program of festival performances attended by the group
2. A program of forums, discussions and masterclasses
3. A small presentation of the results at the end of the festival/meeting

The program will give participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in SCHÄXPIR, while creating strong, meaningful connections with artists from around the world. At the end of the meeting the NEXT GENERATION will present some of the results of their work and discussions to the public.

Participants will be supported by SCHÄXPIR through free tickets, accommodation and meals throughout the festival.

For more info on NEXT GENERATION  go this way.