A theatre of all abilities

If TYA strives to be a „theatre for everyone“ – it has to be a theatre of all abilities! How can theatre truly become inclusive and what are the conditions under which artistically ambitious work for people with disabilities can develop? You can individually choose from workshops and/or forums.

Mon June 24th / Presseclub A/B


2:00 p.m. Workshop I Including Artists of All Abilities – Working Together Through Drama and Theatre
Host: Talleri McRae associate education director StageOne Family Theatre (US)

Drama and theatre arts offer powerful opportunities to engage people of many abilities in powerful ways. Using highly participatory creative drama techniques, active discussion starters, and  community engagement structures, this session explores ways that drama and theatre techniques can support inclusion among artists, students, and audience members with and without disabilities. This session will address the use of drama/theatre techniques in a variety of settings: in rehearsal, production, classroom, and community settings, and is geared for both artists and teaching artists.

4:00 p.m. Workshop II 
Host: Martina Kolbinger-Reiner artistic director MEZZANIN Theater (AT)


Mon June 24th / OK Mediendeck, Festival Center


2:00 Forum I: Will Our Work Ever be Valued? 
Host: Nicola Miles-Wildin actress, director (UK)

4:00 Forum II: Fitting out the artist – Training and Professionalization of Artists with Disabilities 
Hosts: Prof. Elisabeth Braun artistic director sicht:wechsel festival (DE / AT)

& Katharina Witte Theater Reutlingen Die Tonne (DE)

6:00 Conclusion: How Can We Become Truly Inclusive in Our Work? 
Host: Vicky Ireland TYA UK Disability/Inclusivity Team (UK)
Boris Caksiran artistic director Off FRAME FESTIVAL (RS), Diana Tepavac ASSITEJ Serbia (RS), Nicola Miles-Wildin actress, director (UK) Martina Kolbinger-Reiner artistic director MEZZANIN Theater (AT), Talleri McRae associate education director StageOne Family Theatre (US)

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