Pirates of the Performance

Working with young people as performers is always perceived within a context of both art and pedagogy – between process (personal development) and product in terms of artistic achievement. Quite a few theatres in Austria are exploring the artistic potentials of this field. In collaboration with international colleagues they speak about their work. 

Thu June 27th / OK Mediendeck, Festival Center

1:00 p.m. Stop Pretending! Authenticity vs. Representation 
Host: Prof. Wolfgang Schneider honorary president ASSITEJ International (DE)
Manfred Weissensteiner artistic director TaO! Theater am Ortweinplatz (AT), Claudia Seigman artistic director theaternyx (AT), Corinne Eckenstein artistic director TheaterFOXFIRE (AT), Joke Laureyns kabinet k (BE), Petra Fischer Junges Schauspielhaus Zürich (CH)

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