2013 the ASSITEJ International Meeting is being held in collaboration with the International Theatre Festival SCHÄXPIR. From 20th June to 30th June 2013 SCHÄXPIR goes into its seventh round. In 2013 around forty theatre and dance productions for young audiences from Austria and abroad will be presented in the same familiar high quality under the leadership of festival director, Renate Plöchl and artistic director, Stephan Rabl. 

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Over the course of eleven days, SCHÄXPIR disseminates the pleasure and passion of theatre on the stages of Linz. In 2013 SCHÄXPIR again offers a multifaceted, extensive program, which includes enticing premieres and the popular framework program.

To encourage creativity and intercultural contact:

SCHÄXPIR is a meeting place for different nationalities and cultures. Renowned theater groups from Europe and all over the world are regulars at SCHÄXPIR and bring something special to the festival. The drama education program in particular is sensitive to this: dialogues and workshops convey the aesthetic individuality and the cultural environment of each production to audiences. The festival’s innovations, such as theatre for the very young or theater in unusual locations, are hugely popular with audiences.

To demonstrate the latest trends:

SCHÄXPIR continually strives to capture, showcase and discuss the latest trends in young people’s theatre on the international scene. The juxtaposition of established theatre groups from Austria and abroad alongside up-and-coming talents who are showcasing their latest performances to a wide audience is what makes SCHÄXPIR so unique.

"Chicks for money and nothing for free" / hetKIP und Kopergietery (BE) / (c) Phile Deprez

“Chicks for money and nothing for free” / hetKIP und Kopergietery (BE) / (c) Phile Deprez

To establish theater for young people:

One of SCHÄXPIR’s main goals is to establish theatre for young people as a serious art form in Austria as well as internationally. SCHÄXPIR is thus also an active promoter of theatre for young people in Austria: among other projects, the festival is the co-founder of the Jungwild.Förderpreis für junges Theater (sponsorship award for young theatre).

To promote international networks and partnerships:

SCHÄXPIR is a regular co-producer of domestic debut performances as well as of international theatre projects. SCHÄXPIR’s international foothold became even stronger with its bid for the ASSITEJ World Congress 2011 and the international co-productions focusing on Linz as European Capital of Culture 2009. SCHÄXPIR is a partner of international cultural institutions such as the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and the Nederlands Fonds voor Podiumkunsten.


SCHÄXPIR is a key mover and shaker on the Austrian and European theatrical stage, and a major influence on Austrian children’s and youth culture. Artists, creative artists and opinion-leaders in all areas are involved with the programme. Dialogue forums and symposia on current issues affecting young people’s theatre provide a platform for discussion and continually stimulate the Austrian theatrical scene.

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